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I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

While I have never had an issue in over 40 years, I understand some customers might feel uncomfortable(?)

If you choose to not do business with me based solely on religious reasons, then, 'I wish you well.'

However, if you have an issue with my core belief, and would like more information, you may contact either me or Him.

He is available 24/7-365.Call on Him anytime.

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13



Expect 2-8 weeks for completion of your project, dependent on project complexity and weather conditions. Both directly impact how long it takes and when I can work.

Design changes after a project has begun will impact completion date.

I will contact if your project is/will be affected.

Hand Forging a Dream takes time!


These are the forms you may expect for some of our larger projects. Generally, these forms are utilized, but not limited to, larger and/or high volume, custom orders from contractors. Additionally they may be used for complex and detailed projects.

Typically,as any other online company, when ordering directly from any of my websites the ordering and checkout process will suffice for the transaction.

Should you require this style of quote and invoice please request via email and do not proceed with standard checkout.

Sample only. Subject to change without notice.

Sample only. Subject to change without notice.


Payment By: PayPal® - Cash

Option A - Paid in full prior to the start of your project.

Option B -First 1/3rd of project investment at start of project.

Second 1/3rd as project continues.

Final balance prior to delivery/installation.

Option C –Specified down payment -Project is extremely complicated and will be calculated as it progresses.


The weight and dimensions of a particular piece determines the cost of shipping your item. It is not unusual for a piece to be 1. Quite small but heavy or 2. Large dimensionally but light weight. These issues make it impossible to pre-calculate costs.

To solve this dilemma shipping is not billed until I package the item. You will then receive a shipping invoice and item will ship within 48 hours of payment received.

Calculated after completion for accuracy.


Not even close, and here is why!

(Maximize photos to see the difference!)

A word (or two) about calculating project prices.

In addition to using more structurally sound material and sizes, each piece is made one at a time, not just spit out of a machine. Blacksmithing is labor intensive, time consuming, dangerous and requires many separate steps. See the following steps/events, in no particular order, just to name a few.

1. Design

2. Make model

3. Make jig/tooling

4. Discuss with customer

5. Procure raw materials

6. Measure

7. Cut

8. Maintain fire –fuel, air control, remove debris

9. Heat -many times and repeat

10. Cool - many times and repeat

11. Forge –Flatten, point, taper - many times and repeat

12. Bend

13. Straighten

14. Textures

15. Grind

16. File

17. Trial fit/Test

18. Clean several times

19. Apply finish several coats

20. Delivery/Install

Original $500 By Regina vs- Paint by Number $5.00


Your First Lesson:

I only accept Students.

  • An apprentice is one bound by indenture over the course of many years to serve another for a prescribed period with a hope to learning an art or trade.

  • A student is bound by choice to the fulfillment of their goals while enlisting the help and instruction from masters in a specific body of knowledge.

Regrettably, apprenticeships have been highly romanticized by Hollywood. It is not the way to get an education, being extremely unfair to the apprentice. Blacksmithing is an art and as such the transference of knowledge must be a mutual exploration of the art between the more experienced artist and the less experienced but equally visional Student.

I only accept Students!

FREE! Lesson #2> Books before Banging.


This is the original, pin, method of fastening the broach. Works best with loosely woven or coarse garments.

For newer, tightly woven fabrics I recommend the non-piercing method.

Pin style.


For more modern, tightly woven, or multiple layered fabrics this non-piercing method really works nicely.

In closed position, begin weave under top of ring.

Continue weave over pin and under finals.


Fill with about 1/4 cup vegetable oil. We get about 12 hours of light using the jar sold with the kit. The only smoke/odor is very brief, when the wick goes out, like a match.

The permanent wick is set at the correct height when I make them, but some adjustment may still be needed. When first lit, allow to burn about 5 minutes, then adjust the wick up or down for maximum light with no smoke.

Fill to 2nd ring from top.


Although the process described is historically accurate, the time elapsed to carry it out is unknown. With food a highly valued commodity it would be logical to assume many high-protein meals would be prepared over several days to achieve the desired results.

The body of our pot consists of 50 rivets/holes, 4 side plates/seams, 2 handle plates, 1 bottom plate/slots, and one band. The bottom plate is edge kerfed resulting in slots forming over 40 tabs allowing it to be formed around the sides and then banded = 100+ holes/leaks!

The process below was completed over a continuous 9 hour period.

1.An extremely hot and long lasting fire is prepared.

2.Pureed beans are forced into all seams and gaps.

3.When the fire is completely involved the empty pot is suspended on the tripod.

4.The following High-Protein foods are added: 1 gallon whole milk, 1 pound whole oatmeal, and 2 pounds bean puree.

5.As this soup leaks from the pot the liquid evaporates, leaving the protein to burn until only the carbon remains, thus, sealing the leaks and joints.

6.The pot is washed and placed back on the fire.

7.When temperature is above 400˚, several applications of vegetable oil are applied to all surfaces and burned off, resulting in a layer of carbon and producing a non-stick surface.

8.The pot is now sealed, seasoned and ready for use.

Step #7.